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February Level Up Highlight - Guitars!

Level Up now has three guitars for use in the audio studios:

  • Spector Performer bass guitar
  • Squire Stratocaster electric guitar
  • Ibanez Artwood acoustic guitar

These guitars are available to check out during your reserved studio session and can be used in combination with the awesome amp design plug-ins in Logic Pro X, Reason 8, Ableton Live 9, and Pro Tools 12!


January Level Up Highlight - ProTools 12

Level Up now has Pro Tools 12! A long-time industry standard, Pro Tools offers all the features needed to create professional projects. 

(note: be sure to see a staff member to check out the iLok hub, required to run Pro Tools.)




Avid Pro Tools website Protools 12 Essential Training (All library patrons have free access to

Introducing Protools 12 Avid YouTube video

November Level Up Highlight - is FREE for you!

Image, one of the world's leading online learning platforms, is now available to Library cardholders free of charge.

There are thousands of hours of tutorials on hundreds of subjects and softwares, including all of the programs available in Level Up.

It’s easy to get started—just set up your account through the Library's subscription and start learning. Sign up here

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