Level Up Highlight for March - New Software!



One thing that makes Level Up a great place to do all of your digital creativity projects is the abundance of software options available. In addition to the full Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, we provide numerous other software such as Final Cut Pro X, OBS, Ableton Live, Audacity, FMOD Studio, Logic Pro X, Gimp, Unreal Engine 4, and much more. We also add new software a couple of times a year and guess what - now's that time!

The Level Up Highlight this month is an overview of our newest bundle of software. We just purchased and downloaded a new batch of sweet programs and here's the list with a brief description:

Waves - This is an audio plug-in package which works with most DAWs. In Logic, when you add audio effects, you can choose "Waves" under "Audio Units" and see all the different effects. This package includes vocal effects, compressors, EQ, reverb, and more.

Spine - 2D animation software for creating animations and integrating them into your games

Action Essentials - (on LU#1 only) - HD action stock footage from Video Copilot

Twitch - (on LU#1 only) - After Effects plug-in with video effects, sound effects, and tutorials

Burn - cd/dvd burning software - looks exactly like the old Mac application that came installed on Macs in the old days

DaVinci Resolve - super professional, high quality color grading software for color correcting video

Twine - choose your own adventure type storytelling game creation software 

Fungus - Unity add-on for game design

Android File Transfer - tool for transferring files between Mac and Android devices

Sketchup Make - 3D drawing tool

Visual Studio - IDE from Microsoft - used to develop computer programs for web apps and web services

Particular - (on LU#1 and LU#2 only, on the Windows side of the machine) - enterprise program developer suite

ProTools - (on LU#3 only) - another DAW (digital audio workstation) for recording, editing, and mixing your audio tracks

That's it for this round! If you have any software suggestions, feel free to let Level Up staff know or place them in the suggestion box at the Level Up desk.  


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