Five of my Favorites and So Long


Keith Carter in Clown MakeupThis Sight and Sound blog post was perhaps the hardest for me to write of all of my posts.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is because I will retire from the library shortly after this post goes up.  I have had almost forty years at the Monroe County Public Library as either a staff member or volunteer and it is time to move on to another adventure.   I still believe this library is one of the best, if not the best library in the state.

But of course, I am biased.  I hope that you and the library will forgive my choice of pictures to head up this post. (I didn’t ask for permission) I’ve always believed that libraries are places of wonder and learning; imagination, and research, but above all, they are places full of fun and life and joy that one can experience almost nowhere else.  There is something special about the books, movies, services and special programs that take place in a library that help make any community stronger and better for all. Young and old, rich and poor; people from every walk of life can find something in common at a good library and there are always interesting people to meet at a library. Some of you may remember me from many different places in the library; when I started I worked at the Community Access Channel, then I moved to the Movies and Music Department, then to Adult Services and have recently begun working at our Ellettsville branch.  I even worked for a while as a night janitor. One of my greatest joys, however, is playing the clown (and the music) for the Children’s Story Hour Extravaganzas and especially the October event for which this picture displays my standard outfit and perhaps the real me.  It is the joyous laughter and smiles of a child who is discovering for the first time the world of the library that I will remember the most after I leave.

So this is good-bye, which is hard.  Harder still, at least intellectually, is the second reason this post was so difficult. Because this will be my last post I am forcing myself to make a choice out of all the movies I have watched over the years to just five of my favorites.  What makes this so extremely difficult is that I have watched so many movies over the years and I love so many of them that I would be hard pressed to limit myself to a list of one hundred movies; to limit myself to five seems like an almost impossible task. These movies may not seem like “great movies” to you.  I am well known around the library for liking movies many others did not.  For example, I really enjoyed The Green Lantern, Johnny Depp’s The Lone Ranger and The Postman, films that received poor reviews when they were released. Yet, these three are among my favorites. They won’t make this list, but I did enjoy them and have watched them all more than once.  I have tried to limit my five choices to movies that no matter what mood I’m in always stay in my top 25 or 50.  I have written about all these movies before so I will link the title to their blog post and through there to the catalog.   I hope you enjoy these films as much as I have and I hope that you will continue to be a part of this library.


So here they are.  My Five Favorite Movies, in no particular order


Casablanca is set during WWII at an American bar in the city of Casablanca, Morocco, and stars Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Claude Rains. Casablanca is both a love story and a war story and it is very much a classic and a movie well worth seeing.

A Thousand Clowns
Murry is the original slacker.  A writer for the television show “Chuckles the Chipmunk,” he has turned his back on the work-a-day-world and sets out to enjoy himself.  The only problem is that he is also the guardian of his sister's 12-year-old son “Nick,” and Child services has become concerned.

Support Your Local Sheriff
James Garner is a cowboy passing through a small gold-rush town who takes the job of sheriff while supposedly on his way to Australia.  This film shows off Garner’s dry laid back comedy as almost no other movie does.

Desk Set
This is my favorite Hepburn/ Tracy comedy and the first movie that I know of to realistically deal with the fear of being replaced by a computer.  It is also a reminder of how far technology has come. Just imagine, a computer that fills up the entire room yet does less than your current smartphone.

The Green Mile
Featuring Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan and based on the Steven King book,  The Green Mile and tells of life on death row for the guards and the prisoners, including one who is more than he seems.


AND FINALLY  "So Long and thanks for all the fish."

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