What's on the November Ballot? See It Here



You've probably heard that we're electing our next President on November 8. But what about the candidates for other offices we'll see on our ballots? Depending on where you live, you'll get the opportunity to vote on a variety of state and local candidates, a proposed amendment to Indiana's Constitution, and possibly a school funding issue. Are you ready?

With Election Day just six weeks away, now's the time to be sure you're making the most informed decisions about who gets your vote (you ARE registered to vote, right?). That starts with being sure of exactly what's on your ballot.

For a PDF image of the ballot you'll see at your polling place in November, visit monroecountyvoters.us, or just choose your voting precinct from the list below.

Precinct maps [PDF]: Bloomington | Ellettsville | Monroe County maps courtesy of Monroe County Voter Registration Office.

Ballots by precinct [PDF]:

Federal Only Ballot

President/Vice President Only Ballot

More information about voting in the November election can be found at monroecountyvoters.us.


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