Fingerplays to Do With Young Children

Fingerplays are a fun way to build your young child’s early literacy skills. Songs and rhymes slow language down, which makes it easier for your child to learn new words. They also provide an opportunity for children to move in a rhythmic manner and actively participate in a storytime. Young children, especially, can only sit still and listen for so long. Incorporating physical movement into a listening activity can extend a child's ability to pay attention. Have fun singing along with MCPL Children’s Librarians.

  • A Cup of Tea 

  • Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree

  • Here is a Bunny 

  • My Garden 

  • My Hands Upon My Head I Place

  • One Little, Two Little, Three Little Kittens 

  • Open Them Shut Them 

  • Rain on the Green Grass