Workshops for Parents and Caregivers

MCPL Children's Services Librarians are trained in a national early literacy initiative, "Every Child Ready to Read @ your library." Throughout the year, we provide free, informative workshops to help parents and caregivers learn how to get their young child on the road to reading success.

  • Early Literacy for Parents and Caregivers
    • In this interactive workshop you will understand the basics of how your young child (0-5 years) gets ready to read and simple, effective activities to help them develop the skills they need for reading success.
  • Fun with Words
    • This workshop focuses on ways to build your young child's vocabulary - a key factor for lifelong reading success. 
  • Fun with Letters
    • Learn how to get your young child excited about writing and learning letters.
  • Fun with Science and Math
    • Children are born scientists. Find out how to support your child's natural curiousity about the world.

To find out about upcoming Every Child Ready to Read workshops, please visit our events calendar. If you belong to a parent organization and would like to have a librarian speak to your group, please call Christina Jones at 349-3100 for arrangements.