Local Information

The Indiana Room is a resource for local information about community, genealogy, and nonprofits.


At War & At Home A digital collection of Civil War era documents.  

Bloom Magazine Index  

Herald-Times Index 1985 - 2005 

Herald-Times via Newsbank 1988 - current 

Herald-Times Index to the Looking Back Series (PDF) Excel Local history written by Rose McIlveen.

Indiana Bedrock  A photographic collection of the limestone industry. 

Monroe County 1930 Census (Excel)

Monroe County Community Collections A digital collection prepared with governmental offices and local organizations.

Monroe County Coroner Reports 1896 - 1935 (PDF)  

Monroe County Family History Files (PDF)  

Monroe County Index (PDF) (Excel) covers vertical newspaper clippings (c.1968 - 2011)

Monroe County Local History Files on Microfilm (Excel)  Submitted by community members in the 1970s.

Monroe County Maps 1820 - Current  (PDF) 

Monroe County Microfilm Collection (Excel)  Early records for deeds, county commissioners, marriages, estate, quit claim, soldiers discharge papers, and more.

Monroe County Newspapers on Microfilm (PDF) 

Monroe County Obituary Index  (1824 - current)

Monroe County Oral Histories Index (Excel) Indiana University Oral History Project in the 1970s.

Monroe County School Census 1914 (Excel) (PDF)

Monroe County Yearbook Index

Smithville News A digital collection of the Smithville newspaper and photos (1897 - 1915).