EnvisionWare Print and Time Management

In response to the overwhelming popularity of its computer resources, the library has purchased EnvisionWare print and time management software. This software ensures equitable access to MCPL public computers as well as helping the library more responsibly manage its resources.

Envisionware Provides Time Management

EnvisionWare keeps track of the length of time one uses a computer at MCPL. The EnvisionWare software asks computer users to enter their library card number and password at the start of computer sessions. Users without cards can login with any combination of letters and numbers. There is no minimum limit. The maximum is 8 characters. Easy to remember logins and passwords are encouraged as they will be needed when printing.

Everyone is guaranteed one hour of uninterrupted use. When computers are available the system will extend time in half-hour increments after the first hour is up. An unlimited number of extensions will be granted unless a reservation exists for their computer. Users may also request manual extensions of a half-hour.

Envisionware Provides Print Management

In an effort to be more responsible with its resources, the library has implemented a quota on the amount of free printing provided to library patrons. Library card users get 30 cents printing free per day. After a user's quota of free printing is reached, there is a charge of 10 cents for each additional page printed and 30 cents for each color page. Users without cards receive no free printing.

Your Privacy and Envisionware

The EnvisionWare software simply manages time and printing. The software does not have the ability to track Internet usage or any work done on the computer. Envisionware only tracks the amount of time users spend on library's computers during the day. Each day, the time record for each user is deleted. You may also wish to view the library's Privacy Policy Regarding Web and Email Communications.