Resources for Level Up

Image, one of the world's leading online learning platforms, is now available to Library cardholders free of charge.

There are thousands of hours of tutorials on hundreds of subjects and softwares, including all of the programs available in Level Up.

It’s easy to get started—just set up your account through the Library's subscription and start learning. Sign up here.


More resources: 


For manuals and tutorials on all of Level Up's audio tools, see our Audio Production Studios page.

Music Production

  • Berklee Music Playlist - Berklee College of Music's YouTube page with lots of great instructional videos on music production, songwriting, and performance
  • Tuts+ Music and Audio - some free articles and tutorials on mixing and mastering, basic audio production, and much more

Songwriting/Music Theory/Sound

  • BBC's Sold on Song - an archived BBC resource page with links to articles on performing, songwriting, working with record companies, and more
  • Pat Pattison's Lyric Tips - lyric tips from Pat Pattison, a Professor at Berklee College of Music, where he teaches Lyric Writing and Poetry
  • Interview with Will Sheff - an interview with former Bloomington resident and Okkervil River bandleader Will Sheff on his writing process behind the 2013 record The Silver Gymnasium

Video and Photography

For manuals and tutorials on all of Level Up's video tools, see our Video Production Studio page.

Video and Photo Production/Green Screen

  • Video Copilot - tools and training for people who love motion design and visual effects
  • Creative Cow - a comprehensive digital video community with all kinds of helpful information like tutorials, forums, and podcasts on many topics related to video production
  • iMovie Tutorials - Apple support page with links to different imovie tutorials, from starting a new project to publishing your movie on video sharing sites
  • Footage Crate - A great site focusing on video special effects with tutorials and free effects bundles to add to your After Effects projects

Free Stock Footage

  • Pexels - many free-of-charge and royalty-free photos to choose from
  • Footage Crate - free video effects, backgrounds, transitions, and sound files. Only get 2 free downloads per day are permitted, but there's some pretty cool stuff available. The site also includes tutorials and further resources
  • - more free stock footage for your videos
  • - free png images and clipart you can download for use in web design, video, or whatever you want


For manuals and tutorials on Level Up's developer tools, see our Digital Creativity Workstations page.

  • Code Academy - An interactive learning program that teaches how to build a website or an app through simple coding tutorials
  • CODE - A library of code tutorials
  • w3schools - A free and very helpful web development learning site with a bunch of tutorials for building a website
  • Safari Developer Library - Apple developer documentation. Check it out if you're interested in programming for WebKit browsers and finding out what is available for iOS mobile devices.
  • QuirksMode - A website that details differences between different implementations of JavaScript, CSS, and other web technologies among browsers.
  • - Python’s official site for downloading the language package and finding all kinds of resources and information about this dynamic programming language
  • Learn Code - LearnCode is a youtube channel with awesome tutorials on coding and web design.
  • Tuts+ Code - Even though Tuts+ has a pay service, they also provide many great articles, tutorials and courses on coding for free
  • Tuts+ Web Design - More of Tuts+'s interesting articles and tutorials to help with the artistic and productivity aspects of web design

Game Design

 For manuals and tutorials on Level Up's developer tools, see our Digital Creativity Workstations page.

  • Tuts+ Game Development - lots of free tutorials and articles on all kinds of different game design platforms and strategies for beginners and advanced game makers alike
  • Game Design Fundamentals - a YouTube video of a very interesting talk on game design by a game development company CEO

Graphic Design/Digital Art

For manuals and tutorials on Level Up's developer tools, see our Digital Creativity Workstations page.

  • webmonkey - Wired’s web design blog with lots interesting posts about web design and development, lists of tutorials, and more

  • Improve Photography - a site dedicated to  all things photography, with tips, recommended gear, podcasts, and numerous other resources to help make your photography look professional

  • Digital Arts - Some amazing digital art tutorials from Digital Arts magazine

  • Creative Bloq - a cool blog-style site with lots of information on graphic design, web design, digital art, video, and much more with links to interviews, tutorials, and well yes, much more!

  • Tuts+ Design and Illustration - some great resources on how to use different graphics programs, how to create useful logos and illustrations, and many other helpful design tips

  • Photoshop Cheat Sheet - Keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator Cheat Sheet - Keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Illustrator

  • Other Adobe Cheat Sheets - Keyboard shortcuts for Adobe CC

  • Image Formats Cheat Sheet - A helpful infographic with information regarding various image formats



Sharing Your Finished Project

You may have created your project in Level Up for many reasons—for your small business, as a school project, or just to learn. Here are some alternative ideas to get your work seen, heard, and maybe even recognized.


  • Create a website to display your design, photography, or video work.
  • Level Up is always looking for finished projects to add to our digital gallery of amazing creations made by our patrons. Please let Level Up staff know if you’d like to add your digital masterpiece to the archive. Submissions are welcome and encouraged!