Digital Creativity Workstations



Take creative ideas from “Aha!” to “Awesome!” at Level Up with digital creativity workstations and laptops. With free access to the tools top creators use, you’re on your way to developing amazing graphic, video, and audio productions.

The Power of Adobe Creative Cloud Suite —Here for You
Adobe leads the pack in digital creativity tools, and their most popular products are waiting for you at Level Up. Your images, sounds, and words go in; amazing movies, songs, and publications come out. Your library card provides you free access to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs on all workstations and laptops in Level Up. Check out our Adobe Creative Cloud page for a list of software and tutorials.

Using the Workstations
Use your library card to log in to any digital creativity workstation at Level Up. If all Workstations are in use, you may reserve the next available one at Level Up’s reservation station.

Hardware and Accessories —available with your library card

  • Four iMacs featuring a 27 inch monitor, 3.5GHz processor, and 32GB of RAM
  • Two MacBook Pros available for use in Level Up
  • Audio Technica pro headphones : available for two-hour checkout
  • 500GB hard drives : available for three-week checkout
  • 16GB flash drives : available for three-week checkout
  • Two Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablets (medium and large) available for two-hour checkout

    Wacom is the industry standard for pen tablets; Level Up's Intuos Pros offer a range of features and customization options. Use the pen as you would a pen, pencil, or paintbrush with your favorite drawing software.

    An overview of the Intuos Pro line from Wacom.

    Instructions (PDF)
    Intuos Pro instruction manual

    Product Tutorial
    Basic video instruction from Wacom on using the Intuos pen tablet.

    Software Tutorial
    More detailed tutorials from Wacom that cover the pen tablet’s many applications.

    Intuos Pro Tutorial (YouTube)
    Digital artist Aaron Rutten demonstrates how the Intuos Pro pen tablet works, how to set its preferences, and the different ways it can be used with drawing software.

    Complete Tutorial for Photographers (YouTube)
    B&H presents a video tutorial on using the Intuos tablet to edit photos in Adobe Photoshop.

Even More Software
In addition to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite , the Library offers access to these other great tools in Level Up:

Video and Animation

» iMovie

Apple's simple video editing tool is great for beginning and experienced filmmakers alike.

An overview of iMovie from Apple.

iMovie Help
Learn how to use iMovie with Apple's online resource page.

Brain University: iMovie Essentials (YouTube)
This video series from offers detailed breakdowns of every step involved in the creation of an iMovie project. Perfect for diving deep into what iMovie can do.

How to Create a Movie From Start to Finish With iMovie
A handy “bare bones” overview from Tuts+ on creating an iMovie project, with screenshots accompanying each step. Great as a refresher or quick reference.

Library Resources
Borrow these great Library items on iMovie. Ask staff for assistance with locating them.

» Blender

Open-source software that puts the power of 3D animation in your hands. Blender offers "the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation.”

An overview of Blender, the free and open source 3D creation suite.

Blender Reference Manual
The online, searchable instruction manual for Blender.

Tutorials from Blender
An extensive collection of how-to videos especially for Blender newbies. Includes sections on getting started, modeling, rigging, and more.

33 brilliant Blender tutorials
Creative Bloq’s collection of video and text tutorials covers just about everything on using Blender, for a variety of skill levels and learning styles.

Library Resources
Borrow materials about Blender from the Library. Ask staff for assistance with locating them.

Audio Recording and Production

»  Avid Pro Tools 12

» Logic Pro X

Push your music as far as it can go. Every step of the way. A complete professional recording studio right on the Mac, Logic Pro gives you everything you need to go from first inspiration to final master.

An overview of Logic Pro X from Apple.

Logic Pro X Help
Online manual and help with Logic Pro X from Apple.

Logic Pro Video Tutorial Series (YouTube)
Get started in Logic Pro X with these easy-to -follow videos by MusicTechHelpGuy, a professional audio engineer and educator.

Logic Cafe’s Tutorials for Logic Pro (Text) (Videos)
Whether you learn better by reading Logic Cafe’s clear, detailed text-based tutorials—or by watching their collection of in-depth videos—you’ll be impressed by how far they go to show you Logic Pro’s many features and capabilities.

AskAudio’s Logic Pro Tutorials
AskAudio Magazine offers hundreds of tutorial articles on using Logic Pro.

Library Resources
Borrow these great Library items on Logic Pro X. Ask staff for assistance with locating them.

» GarageBand

GarageBand for Mac: Incredible music. In the key of easy.
GarageBand is a whole music creation studio right inside a Mac — with a complete sound library that includes software instruments, presets for guitar and voice, and virtual session drummers. An intuitive interface makes it easy to learn, play, record, create, and share your hits worldwide. It’s never been easier to make music like a pro.

An overview of GarageBand from Apple.

GarageBand Help
Online manual and help with GarageBand from Apple.

Brain University: GarageBand Essential Training (YouTube)
This video series from offers detailed breakdowns of every step involved in the creation of a GarageBand project. Perfect for diving deep into what GarageBand can do.

DIY GarageBand Tutorials
The basics on getting started with GarageBand. Simple video overviews of the setting up, recording, and editing your radio projects.

Library Resources
Borrow these great Library items on GarageBand. Ask staff for assistance with locating them.

» Ableton Live 9 Suite

For a new approach to multitrack recording, try Ableton Live. Its Session View is "a unique sketchpad for improvising, playing and performing with musical ideas, without the constraints of the timeline."

An overview of Ableton Live.

GarageBand Help (PDF)
PDF of the Ableton reference Manual (v9).

Learn Ableton Live 9
Learn everything you need to know to get started with Ableton Live.

Selected Live Tutorials: Ableton
Ableton offers a wide range of tutorials from around the web that introduce you to Live’s amazing potential.

9 Lives of Ableton (YouTube)
From Point Blank Music School, producer Anthony Chapman walks you through 9 lessons on using Ableton Live’s one-of-a-kind interface.

Learn Ableton Live
Certified Ableton instructor Mitch Lee offers a faster-paced video course on building songs in Ableton Live. Free course enrollment; requires an email address.

Library Resources
Borrow these great Library items on Ableton Live. Ask staff for assistance with locating them.

» Propellerhead Reason

Reason is easy to get started with, yet as deep as you want it to be. It’s the music-making software that helps you create, collaborate and discover with musicians worldwide.

An overview of Reason from Propellerhead.

Reason Operation Manual (PDF)
PDF of the Reason Operation Manual.

Reason's Propellerhead YouTube page
Basic and deep tutorials, as well as artist features for inspiration.

What's New in Reason 8
Reason expert Mo Volans presents this online video course on using Reason.

Library Resources
Borrow these great Library items on Reason. Ask staff for assistance with locating them.

» Audacity

A free multi-track audio editor and recorder. Audacity's straightforward interface makes it well-suited for podcasts and other spoken-word projects. A favorite among open source enthusiasts.

An overview of Audacity.

Audacity Manual (PDF)
Online instruction manual for Audacity.

Tutorials from the Audacity Team
Tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions for performing common tasks in Audacity.

Beginner Tutorials
Simple, straightforward videos from Free Audacity Tutorials.

» FMOD Studio

FMOD Studio is an audio content creation tool for games, with a focus on a 'Pro Audio' approach.

An overview of FMOD Studio.

FMOD Studio Support (PDF)
Online support—including instructions and tutorials—from FMOD.

FMODTV (YouTube)
A series of hand-on video tutorials for learning FMOD Studio from its creators.

FMOD Studio: Overview & Introduction (YouTube)
Audio producer Matthew Pablo presents FMOD studio.

Documents and Publishing

» Twine

An open-source interactive storytelling tool that's as simple as it is unique. Arrange pieces of your writing into any non-linear sequence, then give your reader the choice of what to do next (think "Choose Your Own Adventure"). Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to bring sound, images, and video into your stories as well.

An overview of Twine.

Twine Wiki Guide
Get started with Twine's wiki guide.

Introduction to Twine (YouTube)
Clear, easy-to-follow tutorials from Twine enthusiast Vegetarian Zombie.

Developer Tools and Utilities

» Brackets

A modern, open source text editor that understands web design. This open-source editor makes writing programming code easy and efficient. Brackets' design allows you to quickly preview your project live, punch into various elements without switching files, and integrate smoothly with Adobe apps like Photoshop.

An overview of Brackets.

How to Use Brackets
Basic text-based overview on using Brackets to write programming code. Includes a table of keyboard shortcuts.

Brackets Course
A multi-part video course on working with Brackets from CSS Snippets, a site devoted to offering web developers practical tools.

» TextWrangler

A simple and powerful text editor for writing clean, organized programming code. From the company who created BBEdit, a leading professional text editor for Mac OS.

An overview of TextWrangler from Bare Bones.

TextWrangler User Manual (PDF)
258 page PDF user manual for TextWrangler.

Introduction to TextWrangler (YouTube)
A good orientation to the basics of how text editors work, and why TextWrangler is a good choice. This video was originally intended for students in a university design course.

TextWrangler - HTML and CSS basics (YouTube)
Follow a programmer as he builds a simple webpage from scratch using TextWrangler.

» XCode

This suite of tools by Apple allows you to create software apps for OS (Mac) and iOS (iPad and iPhone). Design, create, edit, test, and debug your app ideas—all in one place.

Apple's overview of XCode.

PDF Overview of XCode
135 page overview and user manual for XCode.

How to Make an App (YouTube)
A video series that clearly explains Xcode’s role in the development process, the other tools it interacts with, and how you can use it without any programming experience.

Library Resources
Borrow these great Library items on XCode. Ask staff for assistance with locating them.

» Away Builder

Described as "the missing link between designer and developer on a 3D project," Away Builder is part of the Adobe Gaming SDK that allows you to optimize your 3D images for the most faithful rendering during your game's development process.

Away Tool's overview of Away Builder.

Introduction to Away Builder
A designer from Adobe demonstrates Away Builder’s power and capabilities in these step-by-step videos.

Even More Tutorials and Resources
Go beyond learning the software—here are some tutorials and resources for the digital creativity process.

» Music

Learn How to Write a Song
Step by step instructions on how to write a song, lyrics, music, and all. The page also has a great resources section for songwriters.

How to Copyright Your Music
A very informative article on the ins and outs of copyrighting your original work.

» Video

Creative Cow
A comprehensive digital video community, with all kinds of helpful information like tutorials, forums and podcasts on many topics related to video production.

» Coding and Design

Learn HTML, CSS, iPhone apps & more. Learn how to build websites & apps, write code, or start a business with Treehouse. FREE with your library card.

Code Academy
A free, online interactive learning site that teaches you lesson by lesson, through simple coding tutorials, how to build a website or an app.

A free web development learning site with tutorials.

How to Build a Web Application from Scratch with No Experience
A tutorial from Life Hacker.

How to Build an App Using Corona SDK - Python’s official site for downloading the language package and finding all kinds of resources and information about this dynamic programming language

» Game Development

Play Canvas
A free, open source, web based, game engine.

A Beginner’s Guide to Making Your First Video Game
A great article to get you started in video game development.

Unity 3D Tutorials

Unity 3D Resources