Budgeting Brilliance

Budgeting: it's the building block of all money smarts. These tools help with the nuts and bolts Piles of money are possible through smart budgeting!of creating a bulletproof budget.

Basic Budgeting Information and Tips

Basics of Budgeting - The Indiana Secretary of State's Office offers an overview of budgeting, along with plenty of tips and tools to help you do it right.

Budgeting Tips for Twenty-Somethings - 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy lays out some helpful tips especially for those in their 20s. Whether you've just finished school, gotten married, started a family, or landed a new job, these tips are priceless.

Morningstar: The Woman's Guide to Money Matters - Practical tips for anyone, including a budget worksheet and a 30-day financial plan.

Practical Money Skills for Life - Another view of the basics of budgeting, with season-specific money-saving tips.


Downloadable Personal Budget Worksheet - From Vertex42, the makers of the Debt Reduction Snowball Calculator, a dynamic Excel spreadsheet with pre-defined categories that do budget calculations for you.

Budgetworksheets.org - Fully customizable and printable budget worksheets. Choose from templates for family, vacation/travel, or pet costs—or create your own.

Budget Worksheets from MyMoney.Gov - A collection of worksheets and tips, including instructions for the "envelope system" and a daily spending diary.

Printable Budget Worksheet for Prospective Homeowners - From Freddie Mac, a budget worksheet to print and use in the months leading up to purchasing a new home.

Budget Calculators and Software

Student Budget Calculator - 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy brings you a budget calculator specifically for college students. Whether you're just starting or earning your doctorate, this calculator is what you need to keep your finances straight.

Household Budget Tool - From Kiplinger, an online budget tool suitable especially for younger parents.

Mint.com: Free personal finance software that helps you budget and keep track of where your money is going. Works on your desktop or your mobile device—handy and helpful!