Credit and Debt Dispatches

Credit is a powerful tool, so wield Imageit wisely! These links will help you establish credit, understand your credit report and score, visualize your debt, and help you get out of it, too!

Credit and Debt Overview

Cash and Credit Information for TeensFrom the Gale/Cengage Financial Literacy e-book collection, this e-book is a fantastic reference source for teens just learning about the power of credit.

Practical Money Skills: Credit and Debt - A thorough overview of how powerful credit can be when used well, and how crushing debt can be when it gets out of control. With information about credit cards, credit history, debt, and identity theft, and tools for each.

Credit and Debt Smarts - From the Indiana Secretary of State, an overview of credit cards, credit scores, credit reports, and more. Includes worksheets and calculators to help you deal with your debt!

Borrowing—Tips on Debt and Credit - provides answers and tips about borrowing money, including actions you can take to keep your credit score high and suggestions for managing debt wisely.

Classroom Economy: Understanding Credit and Debt - A helpful educational resource aimed at teachers to promote financial literacy learning in the classroom. Includes tips to encourage understanding of credit, debt, and overall financial responsibility.

Choosing the Right Credit Card Credit Card Evaluator: This powerful website lets you compare different cards and their pros and cons, and offers links to advice and tools to help you make the most of your credit and get rid of debt.

Credit Card Payment Calculators and Worksheets

The Minimum Payment Repayment Calculator - See how long it will take to pay off your credit card if you only pay the minimum, and then see how you can shorten that time period by paying a little more each month.

Paying off Credit Card Debt - A quick overview of debt-repayment methods which includes optimizers, calculators, and worksheets to get rid of that debt fast!

Debt Reduction Snowball Calculator - A free spreadsheet which allows you to put all of your debts in one place and calculate how quickly you can pay them off, including by using Dave Ramsey's Snowball Method.

Credit Reports

Annual Credit Report - A service gets you one credit report from each of the three reporting agencies once a year --  for free.

Debt Management

Debt Management Resources - A plethora of links from the Federal Trade Commission that help you deal with debt collectors, credit repair, and even bankruptcy. A fine range of resources for almost every debt topic.

Counseling and Educational Services - Apprisen (Consumer Credit Counseling Service) helps those in debt figure out a plan to get out. Their website offers links to credit and debt resources and other financial management tools.