Save! Save! Save!

Saving money can be challenging; these resources prepare you Imageto meet that challenge head on. Whether it's information about simple savings accounts, tips for saving for a new car, or calculating the cost of college, these resources help you save time and effort while you're saving money.

Saving Overviews & Tips

America Saves A website devoted to the art of saving money. News, tips, blogs, calculators, and even a listing of local and regional saving campaigns to get you on the right track.

Smart About Money Covers the fundamentals of saving, with links to tools to figure out where to start.

Choose to Save Dedicated to raising awareness about the need to plan and save for long-term success. Includes saving, budgeting, and investing tips.

Savings Fitness Don't think you have room in your life for savings? This guide says you do—and shows you how to find it.

Shopping and Saving Save money on everyday purchases, as well as on products and services you buy only once in a while.

Building Wealth: A Beginner's Guide to Securing Your Financial Future See how saving is crucial to building and maintaining wealth—and how you can start doing it today.

College Savings Tips & Tools

Indiana College Costs Estimator Calculate costs, understand financial aid, learn where the college money is, discover ways to save, explore Indiana colleges, research other planning steps, and more.

FINRA Smart Saving for College Compare your college saving options and evaluate your plan with this incredibly comprehensive and easy-to-use site.

College Saving Tips A ton of tips, plans, and methods to begin saving for college now. A comprehensive look at college savings plans and financial aid.

College Saving Calculator From The College Board. Visualize what college will cost, along with ways to pay for it.

Calculators & Worksheets

FINRA Savings Calculator Quickly see how much money you could be earning just by using a savings account. With simple visualizations and adjustments for inflation.

Savings Calculators An array of savings calculators from the Motley Fool.

Games & Tools

Feed the Pig Full of fun and entertaining tools, this interactive website offers quizzes, games, discussion forums, and plenty of information about saving and spending.

Savings Quest Want to save for a new flat-screen TV? How about a new laptop, or even a Vespa scooter? Create a character to see if you can accomplish your savings goals.

These shopping tips can help you save money on everyday purchases, as well as on some products and services you buy once in a while.