Spending Smartly

Financial literacy isn't about never spending money -- it's about spending money wisely. These links will help you do just that!

Tips and Tools

Spendster.org - Have you ever wasted your money on somethingImage and regretted it? So have millions of other people! Join them here for a social networking experience that will connect you to others and also teach you a thing or two about money.

Jump$tart Coalition's "Reality Check - What Lifestyle do you Want" quiz - Take the quiz and see if your spending habits match with the kind of lifestyle you want.

How to Cut Spending and Still Buy and Do Cool Stuff - From FDIC, five tips to stay on top of what you want while recognizing that your needs come first. Includes the story "Do I Really Need those $125 Designer Sneakers?"

Life Events

Renting an Apartment - While you may not end up owning it, your apartment represents a significant portion of your spending. This site teaches you about leases, renters' rights, and all the other trappings of renting.

Saving Money on Food without Resorting to Ramen - A blog entry that gives 20 good tips on saving money on food, plus links to coupon sites and other tips for frugal eating!

Advice on Major Purchases

Planning a Major Purchase - Resources for home and car buying, car leasing, and big ticket item purchases -- understand the terms and you'll pay less!

Car Financing Tips - From the Indiana Secretary of State, some advice on how to wisely prepare for one of the most exciting purchases of your life: Your car.

Buying a Home - A guide that will get you thinking about all the steps -- from financing to insurance -- when buying a home. Includes calculators and worksheets to help you prepare well!

Interactive Games and Software

Moneytopia - Learn how to spend your hard-earned money -- and save, and invest, and budget it, too -- in this fun, interactive online game.

Mint.com: Free Personal Finance Software - Mint is free personal finance software that helps you budget and keep track of where your money is going. Works on your desktop or your mobile device -- handy and helpful!