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A (very) short history of life on Earth - 4.6 billion years in 12 pithy chapters by Gee, Henry, author, narrator. A (very) short history of life on Earth - 4.6 billion years in 12 pithy chapters

"In the tradition of E.H. Gombrich, Stephen Hawking, and Alan Weisman-an entertaining and uniquely informed narration of Life's life story. In the beginning, Earth was an inhospitably alien place-in constant chemical flux, covered with churning seas, crafting its landscape through incessant volcanic eruptions. Amid all this tumult and disaster, life began. The earliest living things were no more than membranes stretched across microscopic gaps in rocks, where boiling hot jets of mineral-rich wat

Jan 13, 2022
A carnival of snackery - diaries (2003-2020) by Sedaris, David, author, narrator. A carnival of snackery - diaries (2003-2020)

"There's no right way to keep a diary, but if there's an entertaining way, David Sedaris seems to have mastered it. If it's navel-gazing you're after, you've come to the wrong place; ditto treacly selfexamination. Rather, his observations turn outward: a fight between two men on a bus, a fight between two men on the street, pedestrians being whacked over the head or gathering to watch as a man considers leaping to his death. There's a dirty joke shared at a book signing, then a dirtier one told

Jan 13, 2022
All her little secrets by Morris, Wanda M. (Wanda Michelle), 1959- author. All her little secrets

Ellice Littlejohn seemingly has it all: an Ivy League law degree, a well-paying job as a corporate attorney in midtown Atlanta, great friends, and a "for fun" relationship with a rich, charming executive, who just happens to be her white boss. But everything changes one cold January morning when Ellice arrives in the executive suite and finds him dead with a gunshot to his head. And then she walks away as nothing has happened. Why? Ellice has been keeping a cache of dark secrets, including a sma

Jan 13, 2022
All of us villains by Foody, Amanda, author. All of us villains

After the publication of a salacious tell-all book, the remote city of Ilvernath is thrust into worldwide spotlight. Tourists, protesters, and reporters flock to its spellshops and ruins to witness an ancient curse unfold: every generation, seven families name a champion among them to compete in a tournament to the death. The winner awards their family exclusive control over the city's high magick supply, the most powerful resource in the world. In the past, the villainous Lowes have won nearly

Jan 13, 2022
Bitter by Emezi, Emezi, author. Bitter

From National Book Award finalist Akwaeke Emezi comes a companion novel to the critically acclaimed PET that explores both the importance and cost of social revolution--and how youth lead the way. After a childhood in foster care, Bitter is thrilled to have been chosen to attend Eucalyptus, a special school where she can focus on her painting surrounded by other creative teens. But outside this haven, the streets are filled with protests against the deep injustices that grip the city of Lucille.

Jan 14, 2022
City of the Dead by Kellerman, Jonathan, author. City of the Dead

The past comes back to haunt psychologist Alex Delaware and Detective Milo Sturgis when they investigate a grisly double homicide and uncover an even more unspeakable motive in this riveting thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling master of suspense. Los Angeles is a city of sunlight, celebrity, and possibility.?The L.A. often experienced by Homicide Lt. Detective Milo Sturgis and psychologist Alex Delaware, is a city of the dead. ? Early one morning, the two of them find themselves in a

Jan 14, 2022
Dava Shastri's Last Day by Ramisetti, Kirthana, author. Dava Shastri's Last Day

In this thought-provoking and entertaining debut novel about of a multicultural family, a dying billionaire matriarch leaks news of her death early so she can examine her legacy?a decision that horrifies her children and inadvertently exposes secrets she has spent a lifetime keeping.Dava Shastri, one of the world's wealthiest women, has always lived with her sterling reputation in mind. A brain cancer diagnosis?at the age of seventy, however, changes everything, and Dava?decides to take her deat

Jan 14, 2022
Diablo Mesa by Preston, Douglas, author. Diablo Mesa

#1 New York Times bestselling authors Preston & Child continue with the wildly popular series featuring archaeologist Nora Kelly and FBI Agent Corrie Swanson.?Lucas Tappan, a wealthy and eccentric billionaire and founder of Icarus Space Systems, approaches the Santa Fe Archaeological Institute with an outlandish proposal?to finance a careful, scientific excavation of the Roswell Incident site, where a UFO is alleged to have crashed in 1947. A skeptical Nora Kelly, to her great annoyance, is task

Jan 14, 2022
French Braid by Tyler, Anne, author. French Braid

A major new novel from the beloved Pulitzer Prize?winning author?a freshly observed, funny, joyful, brilliantly perceptive journey deep into one familys foibles, from the 1950s up to our pandemic present. The Garretts take their first and last family vacation in the summer of 1959. They hardly ever venture beyond Baltimore, but in some ways they have never been farther apart. Mercy has trouble resisting the siren call of her aspirations to be a painter, which means less time keeping house for he

Jan 14, 2022
I Must Betray You by Sepetys, Ruta, author. I Must Betray You

A?gut-wrenching, startling window into communist Romania and the citizen spy network that devastated a nation, from the #1 New York Times bestselling, award-winning author of Salt to the Sea and Between Shades of Gray. Romania, 1989. Communist regimes are crumbling across Europe. Seventeen-year-old Cristian Florescu dreams of becoming a writer, but Romanians arent free to dream; they are bound by rules and force. ? Amidst the tyrannical dictatorship of Nicolae Ceau?escu in a country governed by

Jan 14, 2022
L.A. weather - a novel by Escandón, María Amparo, author. L.A. weather - a novel

FORECAST: Storm clouds are on the horizon in L.A. Weather, a fun, fast-paced novel of a Mexican-American family from the author of the #1 Los Angeles Times bestseller Esperanza's Box of Saints. L.A. is parched, dry as a bone, and all Oscar, the weather-obsessed patriarch of the Alvarado family, desperately wants is a little rain. He's harboring a costly secret that distracts him from everything else. His wife, Keila, desperate for a life with a little more intimacy and a little less Weather Chan

Jan 13, 2022
Like Home by Onome, Louisa, author. Like Home

Fans of Netflix's On My Block and readers of Elizabeth Acevedo and Angie Thomas will love this debut novel about a girl whose life is turned upside down after one local act of vandalism throws both her relationships and neighborhood into turmoil. Chinelo, or Nelo as her best friend Kate calls her, is all about her neighborhood Ginger East. She loves its chill vibe, ride-or-die sense of community, and the memories she has growing up there with her friends. Ginger East isn't what it used to be tho

Jan 14, 2022
Mercury rising - John Glenn, John Kennedy, and the new battleground of the Cold War by Shesol, Jeff, author. Mercury rising - John Glenn, John Kennedy, and the new battleground of the Cold War

"A riveting history of the momentous Friendship 7 space flight that put America back into the space race. If the United States couldn't catch up to the Soviets in space, how could it compete with them on Earth? That was the question facing John F. Kennedy at the height of the Cold War--a moment when the Soviet Union built the wall in Berlin, tested nuclear bombs more destructive than any in history, and beat the US to every major milestone in space. The race to the heavens seemed a race for surv

Jan 13, 2022
Moon Witch, Spider King by James, Marlon, author. Moon Witch, Spider King

From Marlon James, author of the bestselling National Book Award finalist Black Leopard, Red Wolf, the second book in the Dark Star trilogy, his African Game of Thrones. In?Black Leopard, Red Wolf, Sogolon the Moon Witch proved a worthy adversary to Tracker as they clashed across a mythical African landscape in search of a mysterious boy who disappeared. In?Moon Witch, Spider King, Sogolon takes center stage and gives her own account of what happened to the boy, and how she plotted and fought, t

Jan 14, 2022
Mrs. March - a novel by Feito, Virginia, author. Mrs. March - a novel

"George March's latest novel is a smash. No one could be prouder than his dutiful wife, Mrs. March, who revels in his accolades. A careful creature of routine and decorum, she lives a precariously controlled existence on the Upper East Side until one morning, when the shopkeeper of her favorite patisserie suggests that her husband's latest protagonist--a detestable character named Johanna--is based on Mrs. March herself. Clutching her ostrich leather pocketbook and mint-colored gloves, she flees

Jan 13, 2022
Never by Follett, Ken, author. Never

"A shrinking oasis in the Sahara Desert; a stolen US Army drone; an uninhabited Japanese island; and one country's secret stash of deadly chemical poisons: all these play roles in a relentlessly escalating crisis. Struggling to prevent the outbreak of world war are a young woman intelligence officer; a spy working undercover with jihadists; a brilliant Chinese spymaster; and Pauline herself, beleaguered by a populist rival for the next president election."--

Jan 13, 2022
Nine lives by Steel, Danielle, author. Nine lives

"A woman who longs to avoid risk at all cost learns that men who love danger are the most exciting in this moving novel from New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel. After a carefree childhood, Mary Margaret Kelly came of age in the shadow of grief. Her father, a dashing daredevil Air Force pilot, died when she was nine. Maggie saw her mother struggle to put their lives back together. As the family moved from one city to the next, her mother warned her to beware of daredevil men and avo

Jan 13, 2022
Noor by Okorafor, Nnedi, author. Noor

From Africanfuturist luminary Okorafor comes a new science fiction novel of intense action and thoughtful rumination on biotechnology, destiny, and humanity in a near-future Nigeria. Anwuli Okwudili prefers to be called AO. To her, these initials have always stood for Artificial Organism. AO has never really felt . . . natural, and that's putting it lightly. Her parents spent most of the days before she was born praying for her peaceful passing because even in-utero she was "wrong." But she liv

Jan 14, 2022
Olga Dies Dreaming by Gonzalez, Xochitl, author. Olga Dies Dreaming

A blazing new talent debuts with the story of a status-driven wedding planner grappling with her absent mother, her glittering career amongst New Yorks elite and her Puerto Rican roots in the wake of Hurricane Maria.Its 2017, and Olga and her brother, Pedro ?Prieto? Acevedo are bold faced names in their hometown of New York. Prieto is a popular Congressman representing their gentrifying, Latinx neighborhood in Brooklyn while Olga is the tony wedding planner for Manhattans powerbrokers.Despite th

Jan 14, 2022
One Step Too Far by Gardner, Lisa, author. One Step Too Far

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner, a thrilling new novel that sends missing persons expert Frankie Elkin into a national forest looking for a young man who disappeared without a trace. But when the search team encounters immediate threats to their survival,Frankie realizes shes up against something very dark?and shes running out of time.

Jan 14, 2022