Anxiety and Mental Health

When feelings of intense fear and distress are overwhelming and prevent us from doing everyday things, an anxiety disorder may be the cause. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health concern in the United States. An estimated 40 million adults in the U.S., or 18%, have an anxiety disorder.

All the Bright Places

Jennifer Niven
Y Niven

"Told in alternating voices, when Theodore Finch and Violet Markey meet on the ledge of the bell tower at school—both teetering on the edge—it's the beginning of an unlikely relationship, a journey to discover the "natural wonders" of the state of Indiana, and two teens' desperate desire to heal and save one another."—Provided by publisher.

Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets

Evan Roskos
Y Roskos

A sixteen-year-old boy wrestling with depression and anxiety tries to cope by writing poems, reciting Walt Whitman, hugging trees, and figuring out why his sister has been kicked out of the house.

Finding Audrey

Sophia Kinsella
Y Kinsell

Fourteen-year-old Audrey is making slow but steady progress dealing with her anxiety disorder when Linus comes into the picture and her recovery gains momentum.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Ned Vizzini
Y Vizzini

A humorous account of a New York City teenager's battle with depression and his time spent in a psychiatric hospital.

My Heart and Other Black Holes

Jasmine Warga
Y Warga

"Seventeen-year-old Aysel's hobby—planning her own death—take a new path when she meets a boy who has similar plan of his own."—Provided by publisher.

Stupid Fast

Geoff Herbach
Y Herbach

Just before his sixteenth birthday, Felton Reinstein has a sudden growth spurt that turns him from a small, jumpy, picked-on boy with the nickname of "Squirrel Nut" to a powerful athlete, leading to new friends, his first love, and the courage to confront his family's past and current problems.

Symptoms of Being Human

Jeff Gavin
Y Gavin

"A gender-fluid teenager who struggles with identity creates a blog on the topic that goes viral, and faces ridicule at the hands of fellow students"—Provided by publisher.

The Nature of Jade

Deb Caletti
Y Caletti

Seattle high school senior Jade's life is defined by her anxiety disorder and dysfunctional family, until she spies a mysterious boy with a baby who seems to share her fascination with the elephants at a nearby zoo.

This Song Will Save Your Life

Leila Sales
Y Sales

Nearly a year after a failed suicide attempt, sixteen-year-old Elise discovers that she has the passion, and the talent, to be a disc jockey.

Waiting for You

Susane Colasanti
Y Colasanti

Fifteen-year-old high school sophomore Marisa, who has an anxiety disorder, decides that this is the year she will get what she wants—a boyfriend and a social life—but things do not turn out exactly the way she expects them to.

When We Collided

Emery Lord
Y Lord

Can seventeen-year-old Jonah save his family restaurant from ruin, his mother from her sadness, and his danger-seeking girlfriend Vivi from herself?

Nonfiction Resources

50 things you can do today to manage anxiety

Wendy Green
616.8522 Gre

Green informs readers how they can take charge of anxiety and turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Her book provides tips on how to manage anxiety through diet, activity, stress management, and therapy.

8 Keys to Practicing Mindfulness: Practical Strategies for Emotional Health and Well-being

Manuela Mischke Reeds
158.1 Ree

Reeds offers clear, gentle guidance in engaging with mind and body, coping with struggles, and working toward an inner peace. Based in clinical practice, this resource moves the reader from passive text instruction into action.

Anxiety: a very short introduction

Daniel Freeman
152.46 Fre

A Very Short Introduction combines insights from a variety of sciences—psychology, neuroscience, epidemiology and genetics—to provide a full picture of what anxiety is, what causes it, and why anxiety is so important.

Fear and Anxiety

Kim Etingoff
152.46 Eti

This resource provides teens with a general understanding of anxiety, its impact in teens’ lives, and uses fictional stories to humanize tough emotions.

I Don’t Want to be Crazy

Samantha Schutz
811.6 Sch

In this poetic memoir, Samantha Schutz recounts her story of leaving home for the first time and coming face to face with the pressures of a psychological disorder

Mental Health Information for Teens

Edited by Karen Bellenir
613.0433 Men

Basic consumer health information for teens about mental illness and treatment, along with tips for maintaining mental and emotional health. Includes index, resource information and recommendations for further reading provided by publisher.

School Made Easier: a kid’s guide to study strategies and anxiety-busting tools

Wendy L. Moss & Robin A. DeLuca-Acconi
J 371.3028 Mos

The authors focus on how to manage that academic stress and the emotions that might interfere with academic success. They teach students ways to reduce their anxiety, increase their confidence in school, and study more effectively. Also includes case studies of real kids, self-assessment checklists, and lots of quick tips to help you stay calm on test day.

J 152.46 Sta

Anxiety is just part of being a teenager. In this program, viewers will learn five coping skills that will help them to manage their feelings of anxiety. When Claire has to make a presentation in front of her class, she learns that planning and preparation can assist in managing anxiety levels. When Kyle learns his parents are divorcing, he comes to understand that he does not have control over the situation.

The Anxiety Survival Guide for Teens: CBT Skills to Overcome Fear, Worry, & Panic

Jennifer Shannon
155.5124 Sha

The Anxious Teen Survival Guide is a much-needed, go-to guide to help you finally break free from the worry and ruminations that can get in the way of reaching your goals.

The anxiety workbook for teens: activities to help you deal with anxiety & worry

Lisa M. Schab
155.5182 Sch

Provides a selection of forty-two activities designed to help teens deal with anxiety, discussing how to change anxiety-producing thoughts, do breathing exercises, and develop problem-solving skills to help cope with the issue.

Viniyoga Therapy for Anxiety (DVD)
181.45 Vin

Features therapeutic yoga practices carefully designed to alleviate conditions of anxiety in the physiological, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral domains.

Yoga for your mind and body: a teenage practice for a healthy, balanced life

Rebecca Rissman
613.7046 Ris

"Presents yoga techniques and poses to promote brain power, stress relief, strength, and fitness"—Provided by publisher.