Gardening Books for Kids

Great stories and informational books all about gardens and gardening for little gardeners.

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Children's Services
101 Kid-Friendly Plants

Cindy Krezel
(Juvenile Nonfiction -- J 635 Kre)

This book describes fun plants and family garden projects.

First Garden; The White House Garden and How it Grew

Robbin Gourley
(Juvenile Nonfiction -- J 635 Gou)

Tells the story of Michelle Obama's garden, as well as the story of the White House grounds, and the other gardens that came before.

First Peas to the Table

Susan Grigsby
(Juvenile Picture Books -- Ej Gri)

Maya and other students in Ms. Hopkins class study techniques used by Thomas Jefferson as they grow pea plants and compete to see whose will produce a bowl full of peas first. Includes an afterword about Jefferson.

Gardening Projects for Kids

Jenny Hendy
(Juvenile Nonfiction -- J 635 Hen)

Fantastic ideas for making things, growing plants and flowers and attracting wildlife, with 60 practical projects.

Grandpa's Garden

Stella Fry
(Juvenile Picture Books -- Ej Fry)

Billy learns about gardening from working with his grandfather. Includes gardening tips.

How does my Garden Grow?
(Juvenile Nonfiction -- J 635 How)

A collection of gardening activities, scientific experiments, art projects, cooking ideas, and magic tricks helps youngsters learn about the structure and life cycles of plants, as well as offering advice on how to grow their own gardens.

In the Garden with Dr. Carver

Susan Grigsby
(Juvenile Picture Books -- Ej Gri)

A fictionalized account of how plant scientist George Washington Carver came to an Alabama school and taught the children how to grow plants and reap the rewards of nature's bounty. Includes factual note about George Washington Carver.

Jo MacDonald had a Garden

Mary Quattlebaum
(Juvenile Picture Books -- Ej Qua)

In this version of the classic song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm," the farmer's granddaughter plants a garden which provides a place for birds, insects, and other wild creatures to shelter and nest. Book presents facts and activities related to this lively ecosystem.

Plant a Little Seed

Bonnie Christensen
(Juvenile Picture Books -- Ej Chr)

Two friends plant seeds in their community garden, then water, weed, wait, and dream as the plants grow until they can be harvested. Includes facts about gardening and harvest festivals.

Ready Set Grow!
(Juvenile Nonfiction -- J 635 Rea)

Features more than thirty gardening projects and provides step-by-step instructions on aspects from seeding and propagating to pest control and harvesting.

The Curious Garden

Peter Brown
(Juvenile Picture Books -- Ej Bro)

Liam discovers a hidden garden and with careful tending spreads color throughout the gray city.

Water, Weed and Wait

Edith Hope Fine
(Juvenile Picture Books -- Ej Fin)

The students in Miss Marigold's class take on her challenge to turn a neglect patch of schoolyard into a beautiful garden and enlist the help of their friends, family, and neighbors.

What's in the Garden?

Marianne Berkes
(Juvenile Nonfiction -- J 635 Ber)

Guess what vegetable or fruit this is, growing in the garden! Learn more about it, plus how to eat it in a simple recipe.

Yucky Worms

Vivian French
(Juvenile Picture Books -- Ej Fre)

While helping Grandma in the garden, a child learns about the important role of the earthworm in helping plants grow.