Sometimes It Is Better to Leave Family Secrets Alone

It seems to be human nature to just be focused on events that take place during your lifetime.  So it can come as a shock to find out your family had lives, secrets and happenings from the time before you were born.  The following titles illustrate how these secrets can cause heartbreak or give closure to those who discover them.  For more books check the MCPL online catalog using the search terms: Subject - Family secrets-Fiction.

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Lake of Dreams

Kim Edwards
Adult Fiction - Edwards

Returning home from Japan, Lucy Jarrett finds herself haunted by her father's death. In their rambling old farmhouse, in a window seat, she finds an odd mixture of family artifacts that hold key to the family's past.

Peach Keeper

Sarah Allen
Adult Fiction - Allen

In contemporary North Carolina, a skeleton is unearthed during the replacement of an old landmark tree. Two young women reluctantly work together to identify the man, in the process unearthing old family secrets better left buried.

Place of Secrets

Rachel Hore
MYS - Hore

Beginning in contemporary England and looking back to the past, gypsies, long lost children, shared nightmares and a star necklace, kept safe through the years, converge to resurrect old secrets and the stories they have kept hidden.

Sandcastle Girls

Chris Bohaljian
Adult Fiction - Bohjali

The Slaughter You Know Next To Nothing About refers to the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Empire during World War I. An American nurse in Syria on a charity mission meets an Armenian man who has lost his wife and child. Their great granddaughter finds their letters and feels compelled to tell the story.

Stone's Fall

Ian Pears
Adult Fiction - Pears

Why would a seemingly healthy, successful, happy and wealthy man fall to his death from a window? Was it murder, an accident or suicide? A young journalist is hired to find out. Set at the turn of the previous century, in England, France and Venice, the story raises the point that sometimes it is better to not know.

The Distant Hours

Kate Morton
Adult Fiction - Morton

Three eccentric, aging sisters live on at Milderhurst Castle through the decades. The oldest sister must protect and defend the castle and her sisters. All three have faced traumatic heartbreak and abuse. Now a contemporary female editor has come seeking an interview. Is it time to let the secrets go?

The Legacy

Katherine Webb
Adult Fiction - Webb

Family secrets can happen in any generation. From 1910 Oklahoma to contemporary England, the family members try to protect one another through silence, but secrets have a way of coming out, especially when one person will not take no for an answer.

The Thirteenth Tale

Diane Setterfeld
Adult Fiction - Setterf

A devastating fire, twin sisters, a governess and a ghost, what has quiet loner Margaret gotten herself into? Sometimes people are not what or who they seem.

Wednesday Letters

Jason Wright
Adult Fiction - Wright

Three adult children come home for their parents funeral. They discover a treasure trove of family history in the form of notes written by their father to their mother every Wednesday. The notes reveal a family tragedy kept hidden for years.

What Angels Fear

C. S. Harris
MYS - Harris

Series of mysteries set in 1812 London. As the books and stories unfold, no one is who they seem and false parents abound.