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Registering to Vote

What is required for me to register to vote in Indiana?

You must be a U.S. citizen, a resident of Indiana, at least 18 years of age by the next general election, and not incarcerated.

What ID is needed for me to register to vote in Indiana?

It depends on how you register. If you register using the State of Indiana’s online registration form, you will need either a valid Indiana driver’s license number or Indiana BMV-issued ID card number.

If you use Indiana’s paper Indiana Voter Registration Application (Form VRG-7) or the National Mail Voter Registration from the federal government, you may provide the last four digits of your Social Security number —or— a valid Indiana driver’s license number —or— Indiana BMV-issued ID card number.

When does my voter registration in Indiana expire?

Your voter registration never expires, but if you do not vote in several consecutive elections, it may be classified as inactive. In that case, the Voter Registration Office will send you a letter asking you to confirm the address in your registration record.

What are important dates for registering to vote? Can I register to vote at any time?

Please see our Important Dates page for information on current registration deadlines.

Voter registration applications are processed and registration cards are mailed out from about 3 weeks after an election until 29 days before the next one. If you submit an online or paper application outside of this period, your application will be accepted, but you will not receive notification until after the official voter registration period opens.

What may Library staff do (and not do) when helping me register to vote?

Library staff are happy to help you find the information and forms you need to register to vote, and may assist you in filling out the forms. They may not, however, alter, change, or sign your application for you, and they may not mail or otherwise submit your application for you.

What if I have a disabilty?

Your Vote Is Your Voice is a publication of The Governor's Council for People with Disabilities describing voting rights. Additional information is available from Indiana Disability Rights.

I’ve moved since I last voted. What do I need to do?

You need to update your address information in your voter registration record. This can be done at, or by using a paper state or federal voter registration form. Be sure to do this before the end of the current voter registration period.

I am registered somewhere else in Indiana (or in another State). Can I register here in Monroe County to vote?

You must register where you have your official residence. If you have moved to Monroe County from somewhere else in Indiana, when you register here, your voter registration record will be updated automatically.

I live somewhere else part of the year. Do I have to live in Monroe County year round to register here?

You may register only in the place of your official residence, so you need to decide which residence that is, and register using that address.

If you have multiple residences, you might consider declaring your official residence where there are voting issues of most concern to you. You might also consider where you will be residing at election time (although you can always apply to vote by mail).

How can I confirm that I am registered to vote?

You can use the "Confirm My Voter Registration" link on the State of Indiana's website. You will need to enter your County, your first and last names and your date of birth. You may also also stop in or call the Voter Registration Office. (401 W 7th St Suite 100, Bloomington, IN 47404 | 812-349-2690)

What are the differences between the State of Indiana and US federal registration applications? What about the paper and online registration applications?

Either the state or federal paper registration applications are acceptable ways to register to vote. You only need to complete and mail ONE of these forms, not both.

On the state and federalpaper forms, you may enter the last four digits of your Social Security number if you don't have a valid driver's license or State ID. But remember—you still need to present a valid driver's license or State ID when you vote.

To use the State of Indiana's online application, a valid Indiana driver’s license number or Indiana BMV-issued State ID card number is required.

I heard I can register to vote at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Is this correct?

If you are conducting a credential transaction at the BMV (obtaining or renewing a driver's license or State ID, for example), you may complete the voter registration process with the BMV staff.

If you are not conducting a credential transaction, BMV staff can give you a paper Indiana VRG-7 registration application, but your completed application cannot be submitted at the BMV. You must submit the application to the Voter Registration Office at 401 West 7th Street, Suite 100, Bloomington, IN 47407.

Can people with felony convictions register to vote in Indiana?

Yes, as long as they are not currently incarcerated.

I'm homeless. Can I register to vote?

Yes, by using the paper Indiana or US federal form. You need to provide a mailing address where your voter registration card can be mailed to you, but that may be different from the address of your residence. The Shalom Center in Bloomington may be an option for receiving mail.

If your residence—meaning where you normally sleep—is not a fixed location with a street address, follow the instructions on the form to draw a diagram of where it is, using the nearest street names. This information determines where you will vote, and for which offices and issues. When your voter registration card arrives, it will tell you where you should vote.

Do I need to declare a party affiliation when I register to vote?

No, you do not.  When you go to vote in the primary election, you will be asked which ballot you want, Republican or Democrat. 



At the Voting Booth

What ID is needed to vote in Indiana?

To vote in person, you must present a photo ID that:

(1) Displays your photo

(2) Displays your name in a way that conforms to your voter registration record (but it need not be identical—Bob and Robert or Katherine and Kate would be considered the same name)

(3) Displays an expiration date that is either current, or after the last general election (Nov 4, 2014), except for military IDs, which are not required to have an expiration date

(4) Is issued by the State of Indiana (including state universities) or the U.S. government. If you qualify to vote absentee by mail, you do not have to provide a photo ID.

If my driver’s license is expired, will I be able to get an Indiana photo ID?

Yes. You will surrender your driver’s license in exchange for an ID card, which is free of charge. A new picture will be taken for the ID card.

If your address has changed, you will need to validate your permanent place of residence in Indiana by bringing two items with you showing proof of your new address. (See a list of acceptable documents)

If I don’t have an Indiana driver’s license, how do I get an Indiana photo ID?

You need to take documents to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at 1612 South Liberty Drive, Suite A in Bloomington that do all of the following:

(1) Establish your identity and verifies you are a U.S. citizen (e.g., a US. Passport or birth certificate)

(2) Display your Social Security number, (e.g., Social Security card, a W-2 form, or a paycheck stub showing your Social Security number)

(3) Document your Indiana residence. Two documents received within 60 days of your application are required (e.g., utility bill and a bank statement) (See a list of documents accepted)

Can I use my Indiana University student ID to vote?

Yes, a valid IU student ID is an acceptable state-issued ID for voting purposes, as long as it meets the ID requirements listed above.

How do I get a copy of my birth certificate?

If you were born in Monroe County, contact the Monroe County Health Department at 119 West 7th Street Bloomington IN 47404-3989, phone (812) 349-2543. If you were born in another Indiana county, contact that county’s Health Department. (See a list of county health departments and fees)

If you were born elsewhere in the U.S., contact the Health or Vital Records Department for the state in which you were born. (See a list of these offices) Note that this process can take several weeks.

How do I find my polling place?

You can do that at, or you can call or visit the Voter Registration Office at 401 West 7th Street, Suite 100 (812-349-2690) in Bloomington.

What if I have a disabilty?

Your Vote Is Your Voice is a publication of The Governor's Council for People with Disabilities describing voting rights. Additional information is available from Indiana Disability Rights.

How do I find out about early voting?

Monroe County Public Library will post the early voting schedule on the Be A Voter! webpage, as will the Voter Registration Office on its website.

I'm homeless. How do I know where to vote?

The information you give the voter registration office on your registration application is what will determine where you vote. When your voter registration card arrives, it will tell you where you should vote. You can also go to to find out.

How does absentee voting work? What about early voting?

There are two types of absentee voting:

(1) “Absentee Voting by Mail” means receiving and casting your ballot by mail before the election. To qualify, one of the criteria on the Application for Absentee Ballot by Mail must be met (note that if you are over 65, you automatically qualify). The application may be mailed any time through the application deadline. Then the ballot will be mailed to you after the voter registration period closes, and it must be received at the Voter Registration Office no later than noon on Election Day. Information and forms can be found here.

(2) Early voting is legally called “absentee voting in person.” To vote early, just show up at the Voter Registration Office during scheduled early voting hours (see our Important Dates page), present your voter ID, and fill out a ballot.

What am I voting for this year?

Monroe County Sample Ballots for every precinct.

See our Important Dates page for current election and issues information.


This information made available in partnership with the League of Women Voters of Bloomington-Monroe County.