Ask A Librarian Guidelines

Ask A Librarian is a service intended primarily for residents of Monroe County, Indiana and others who hold a Monroe County Public Library borrower's card. Ask A Librarian may not be the best place to ask your question. If the library is open it would be best to give us a call at 812-349-FACT (3228). If you live outside the Monroe County area, your best strategy will usually be to contact your local public, school, college or university library.

What Ask A Librarian can do:

  • We can answer simple factual questions.
    • Who was...?
    • When did...?
    • What is the address of...?
  • We can refer you to other sources.
    • Web sites
    • Other libraries
    • Organizations involved with the topic of your question
  • We can answer your questions about the library and library services.

What Ask A Librarian cannot do:

  • Lengthy research
  • Complex questions
  • Questions requiring interpretation or analysis
  • Homework assignments (unless they fall under the guidelines above)
  • Medical or legal advice


Fill out and submit the Ask A Librarian form here.