Internet Safety Tips for Kids

Dear Kids...  

MCPL Children's Services has developed web pages and links to fun sites especially for kids. On our pages you will always find the library logo MCPL Logo - web address in the top left corner. When you need to get back to our pages, you can always click on the home button at the top of your screen. Some other tips to keep in mind when you use the Internet:

  • Don't give out personal information such as your first and last name, age, telephone number, home address, or your parents' credit card number.
  • Don't "friend" or communicate with people online who you do not already know. If someone you talk to online asks for your photo or to meet you in person, tell your parents or a teacher right away.
  • Don't assume that everything you read on the Internet is true. Try to figure out who wrote the information you are reading, why and when they wrote it, and if it is accurate.

Other organizations offer additional safety tips and information to help you and your parents make smart decisions about your and your family's use of the Internet.

Dear Parents...

Internet access at the Monroe County Public Library is provided in accordance with the Monroe County Public Library's adoption of the Library Bill of Rights and the American Library Association's interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights as it applies to Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks. In support of the Freedom to Read and The Universal Right To Free Expression, Internet resources accessible through the Monroe County Public Library are provided equally to all library users, regardless of age. As with other library materials, parents or guardians, not the library or its staff, are responsible for monitoring their child's selection of information on the Internet. Parents -- and only parents -- may restrict their children -- and only their children -- from accessing Internet resources via the library's connection to the Internet. We respect and encourage your right to supervise your child's use of the library, including your child's Internet sessions.

In addition to the sites listed above, see also our page on:

Children's Department Website Selection Guidelines

The websites that we link to from the MCPL Children's Services web pages have been selected to reflect the interests and information needs of the children we serve. Because we serve a wide age range of children -- from pre-school to middle school, some of the sites featured here may be more appropriate for older children than younger. What we consider before we link to a remote site:

  • Appeal to children between the ages of 3 and 12.
  • Who produces the information on the site (is it purely commercial information, authoritative, reliable, unique)?
  • Is the content on the site readily available to the user, or is some type of registration required first? 
  • Is the site organized well and easy to navigate?

While the sites we link to are ones we recommend for children, we do not control the information that is produced on remote websites. Unless you see "Monroe County Public Library" listed at the bottom of the page, the site is produced by an outside source.

We review websites for children as much as we are able, but it's impossible for us to have complete knowledge of everything on the Internet. So please, tell us what we've missed and what else you would like to see here.

MCPL's Internet and Computer Use Policy

If you have any questions about these Internet Safety Tips, or about accessing the Internet in the library, please stop by the "Ask Questions Here" desk and speak with a librarian. We also encourage you to read the following Library Policies. Thank you.