Get Library Event Notifications Automatically

There are two easy ways to get automatic notifications about what's happening at the Library:

In Your E-Mail

Besides getting the library's eNewsletter Think Library in your inbox, you can choose what types of Library events you want to want to be notified of via e-mail.

Through a News Reader via RSS

Using a technology called RSS, news readers are handy apps that keep an eye on websites (like the Library's) for updates, and alert you when something new appears (like newly-announced Library events). You can think of a news reader as a "table of contents" for your favorite websites and blogs that allows you to see what's new with all of them at once—saving you the trouble of checking up on each website individually.

You can subscribe to the library's events updates (called "feeds") by setting up an account on one of the many free news readers available on the web. Depending on which reader you choose, your alerts can be viewed in a reading window, sent to you via text message, or e-mailed.

Examples of Popular News Readers

These news readers are available for use on the web, on your desktop, on your mobile device, or on all three. Which news reader is best? That depends on your own preferences and which device you use; it's probably best to take a look at each reader yourself:

Subscribing to the Library's Event Feeds

After choosing a news reader and setting up a free account, you'll need to choose which of the Library's event feeds you want to subscribe to.

But Wait—There's More!

Looking at the list of the library's feeds, you'll see that your choices go way beyond notifications for Library events. You can get notifications when Library exhibits and meetings are announced—and even when the Library adds new books, movies, and music to the collection!

Just click on the Library feeds you want, then copy the URLs of the pages that open. Paste these URLs into your news reader and you're all set! You've subscribed to the feed, and your reader will begin to keep track of every update.


If you need help setting up your notifications feeds, you can reach the Information Desk for assistance during Library hours at 812-349-3228, or by email, chat, or text.