Free Help with Your Laptops and Gadgets



Tech Days: Free Drop-in Help with Your Laptops & Gadgets

Get help downloading and streaming music, movies, television programs, books, and audiobooks to your computer or mobile device (phone or tablet.) We also provide assistance with setting up and using email, flashdrives, and posting photos to Facebook. Stop by and let us answer your tech questions. We can't repair or set up your computer, but just about anything else, we will do our best to get you up to 21st Century speed. Bring your device or laptop. No registration necessary. Drop in.  Upcoming Tech Days dates and times listed in the sidebar.

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One Hour Computer Help Sessions

If you can't drop in for one of our Tech Days, you may also request a 1 hour solo session with one of our Librarians. We can offer help in any of the following areas (choose one):

These times help us to know when you are available. Someone will contact you to schedule your appointment.
What kind of computer/tablet/e-reader/device will you be bringing? Laptop? Apple? Windows? Kindle? Nook?, etc.? (Please provide as much information and detail as you can.)