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Breaking Badlands by Reintgen, Scott, author. Breaking Badlands

Indira accepts an undercover mission to infiltrate Antagonist Academy and unwittingly becomes a pawn in a devious plan to upset the balance between good and evil.

Sep 17, 2021
Crush stuff - a girl stuff novel by Harrison, Lisi, author. Crush stuff - a girl stuff novel

"Seventh grade besties Fonda, Drew, and Ruthie navigate crushes and friend drama as they plan for their 7th grade overnight school trip"--

Sep 17, 2021
Popcorn Bob by Rinck, Maranke, author. Popcorn Bob

A young girl who loves popcorn discovers that her favorite treat has turned into Popcorn Bob! Will she be able to keep him a secret until she can get rid of him?

Sep 16, 2021
The summer of weird Harold by Williams, Eric Walker. The summer of weird Harold

Not so far away there's a quiet little place where the sun always shines, the water stays warm all year, and your neighbors want to kill you. Twelve-year-old Kayla Minnix loves the swamp on the far side of the lake and is devastated to learn that Art Guilafante has plans to destroy it. Two creepy neighbors and a string of near-fatal accidents have her convinced of one thing: someone's out to scare her family into leaving Bass Lake. Can Kayla find out who it is, survive her summer, and save the s

Sep 16, 2021
Trouble with a tiny t by Saunders, Merriam Sarcia, author. Trouble with a tiny t

"Twelve-year-old Westin Hopper gets in trouble--a lot. At home, at school, at his grandparents' house. . . . His ADHD always seems to mess with his brain, making him do impulsive things. So when Westin finds a magic bag that makes his thoughts come alive,he thinks it's the ticket to fixing his life. Instead, his wandering brain strikes again, conjuring up a mini T. rex, an army of headless plastic men, and a six-inch Thor. Now they all live in his bedroom, eating lunchmeat, wreaking havoc, and g

Sep 17, 2021