Self-Paced Learning Online logo Is Here!, one of the world's leading online learning platforms, is now available to Library cardholders free of charge.

It’s easy to get started—just set up your account through the Library's subscription, choose from hundreds of topics in's course library, and start learning.

Setting Up Your New Account

1. From the Library’s website, go to the login page.

2. Log in to using your Library card number and PIN (password). This is the same password you use to log in to your Library user account.

3. Click No, I’ve never had an account.

»What if I already have a account?

Choosing Transfer My History allows you to import your course history from existing accounts. Because different providers offer varying levels of account privileges, choosing this feature may result in reduced functionality on one (or both) of your accounts. To avoid this potential issue, it is recommended that you start a brand new profile for access to through the Library's subscription.

 4. Fill in your name and email address on the Create a Profile page. Click Save to complete the account setup process.

You’re all set! Choose Browse the Library to see all the topics you can learn about.

Having Trouble?

Contact the Library for assistance.

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