About the Ground Floor

It is important to the teens of Monroe County to have a place of their own within the Library. As such, Monroe County Public Library houses a teen space, branded The Ground Floor, for library users from 12–19 years old. The Ground Floor facilitates teen leadership, creativity, digital literacy, quiet study, and recreation.
Usage Policy
The Ground Floor is open to teens only.  If visitors are not between 12–19 years of age, they will be asked to move to another area of the Library. Exceptions made for programming and other events as scheduled. For instance, the second Sunday of the month will be designated All Ages in the Ground Floor.
Expectations for Use
The Ground Floor follows the library’s behavioral rules and policies for the safety and comfort of all users.
Monday-Thursday: 3–9 PM
Friday: 3–6 PM
Saturday-Sunday: Noon–6 PM
Hours may vary depending on usage and programming.
Materials Available in The Ground Floor
The Ground Floor houses a portion of the Library’s collection popular with ages 12–19. If a specific item is required from The Ground Floor collection, Library users not 12-19 years old may speak to a staff member or place it on hold.

The Ground Floor features video games, laptops, ipads, art supplies, and board games selected for teen interest and available for use with a library card.

Library Staff Photography/Videotaping
The Library reserves the right to document its services and the public's use of the Library. Official representatives of the Library may take photographs, videotape, or use other recording devices within the Library and at Library-related events and activities for Library purposes. These photographs and videos may be copied, displayed, published (including on the Library's website), and telecast for such purposes as promotion, publicity, and news to inform the public about the Library. All such photography/videotaping will be in accordance with Library procedures.
In order to promote a community of mentorship and to build relationships among the teens of Monroe County and the wider population, The Ground Floor provides volunteer opportunities. Those with interest in working with teens to facilitate digital creativity, technological exploration, artistic creation, or recreation are encouraged to fill out the library’s application for volunteering.
Teens are also encouraged to volunteer within The Ground Floor to mentor other teens, share their knowledge, and enhance the experience of all users of the space. A primary way for teens to get involved in the management of The Ground Floor is by serving on the Teen Advisory Board.
Teen Advisory Board
The Ground Floor is not just a space for teens to use, it is a space for teens to lead. As such, the Teen Advisory Board exists for teens to provide input into the running, management, and collection of The Ground Floor. Teens interested in being part of TAB should contact Becky at bfyolek [at] mcpl.info for more information!